9 Powerful Benefits of a Safety and Compliance Platform

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- Team Kiri Align
15 June 2020

No matter what industry you’re a part of, every organisation needs to comply with some regulations. More often than not, businesses find it difficult to maintain the safety and compliance standards associated with their industry. 

This is where using safety and compliance management systems comes into the picture. These platforms are intuitive and help you effectively alleviate most of the risks associated with noncompliance with environmental, health, safety, organizational, financial, legal or statutory regulations.

Using a cloud-based software to create, assign, and share checklists, procedures, policies, etc. also helps you go completely paperless while being compliant and brings peace of mind to you and your workforce.

Benefits Of A Safety And Compliance Platform

Digital Safety and Compliance Management Benefits

Given below are some of the benefits that you can expect from a safety and compliance management platform:

1. Integrates and Helps Maintain Business Processes

A compliance management system helps you bring all your business processes like HRM, safety practices, and policies together and work as one. Integration of these processes helps your business run smoothly and your employees can connect and collaborate well even while working remotely. 

2. Helps Control User Authorization Based on Roles

A compliance management platform provides flexibility to control user access across different roles and sets of users. It provides role based access preferences to employees based on their job function. It also accommodates external users like contractors or other stakeholders, ensuring security and preventing accidental mishandling of data. This also ensures every user  can access only the section of data that is associated with his/her scope of work.

3. Risk Assessment and Incident Reporting 

The software has a well-designed communication algorithm for simplifying and streamlining the process of assessing, reporting and investigating incidents. This helps to avoid the potential risk, find out the root cause of any incident or hazard (while investigating a similar incident), and avoid potential hazards in the future even before they happen.

4. Collaboration to Create and Update Policies

Safety or compliance officers or even human resource personnels can easily create and share policies /practices in the system to maintain compliance and ensure everyone in the company is aware and abides by them. This also helps everyone in the organisation, right from the business owners to the most recently hired employee, stay updated with every little aspect in any policy.

5. Regular Audits Help Improve Compliance

Many times because of complex and lengthy, manual processes for conducting audits, and involvement of various team members it becomes a tedious task. Conducting regular audits using a compliance software helps you to collaboration across cross-functional teams while producing timely results.

You can keep a check on any potential risks and avoid them when you still can, thus improving your employees’ and organisation’s well being.

6.  Costs of Non-compliance Saved

Staying compliant with all the regulatory laws associated with environmental/ occupational health and safety for your business helps you save the costs required for compensation and lawsuit settlements. Besides that, it saves your company’s reputation from getting damaged, which would take several years to repair due to unidentified risks and its mitigation.

7. Helps Promote Safety and Remote Work

Having your business processes integrated automatically integrates your workforce. So your employees can be 100% connected and productive while working remotely. Moreover, having a compliance management system also allows you to set strict standards and spread awareness among your employees related to safety and compliance.

8. Build Trust With Customers

While lawsuits will damage your reputation, abiding with all the laws and regulations will show your customers that you care about being safe and providing your business offerings such that they’re safe too. 

This will, in turn, help you build trust with your team and foster long term relationships with your customers.

9. Saves Time and Helps in Business Growth

This one’s a most important, yet the most neglected benefit. Once you have a robust safety and compliance platform in place for your business that can be used on the go, you can save a huge amount of time and efforts, which you can use for strategizing your business growth. 

Even if you have multiple business locations, you can manage their safety and compliance by just logging into a digital system without having to physically travel to the location.

Moreover, digital systems help you automate repetitive tasks and help you save loads of time. They also help you encourage employees to adopt safe practices and inculcate a safety culture across the organization. Hence, you can have a safe and growing business.

Now that you know the benefits of using a safety and compliance management platform for your business, you can compare and choose one that best fits your business’ requirements. 

If you need help with zeroing in on the best compliance management system, connect with the experts at KiriHQ at enquiries@kendrahq.com.

Kiri Align is an all-inclusive safety and compliance management platform that’ll help you get control over all your business’ safety and compliance aspects, avoid lawsuits, prevent hazards, and spread awareness among your workforce, all this in a single digital platform that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

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