How to Manage Working With Multiple Organisations.

Learn how to manage your safety and compliance operations if you’re associated with multiple organisations in Kiri Align.

This feature can be used to manage your safety and compliance activities efficiently for all the organisations that you’re associated with.
If you’re associated with more than one organisation, when you log in to the Kiri Align platform, you will get a screen that asks you to select one of the organisations.
Manage Multiple Organisations - Kendra Align
As shown in the above image the user is associated with three organizations.
You can select the organisation which you want to work on. You’ll be then taken to the dashboard of that organisation.
Manage Multiple Organisation - Kiri Align
On the top left corner of your screen, below the Kiri Align logo, you’ll see the name of the organisation you’re working with (marked with arrow in the above image).
Manage Multiple Organisations - Kendra Align
You can click on the organisation name to get the screen with options of organisations so that you can switch from one organisation to another whenever you need as shown in the image above.

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