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WHS Management System

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Inductions for New Users

Quick  and flexible inductions for your employees, business partners, and equipment

Training the Workforces

Create dynamic forms and checklists for all your training needs

Operating Procedures

Create, update, share, and manage your operating procedures

Incident Reporting & Investigation

Report, investigate, and track incidents in

JSA (Job Safety Assessment)

Maintain scorecard of potential hazards and protect your business from adverse circumstances

Safety & Operational Audits

Conduct hassle-free audits for various business operations

Pre-starts/Service Checks

Pre-start and service checklists for users and equipment

Policies & Practices

Easy procedure for creation and enforcement of business policies

Digital Document Storage

Create, store, and share documents with all users of the system

Reminder  System

Manage recurring checks/audits and set reminders in a digital calendar

Induction management

Inductions for Workers

Quick and flexible inductions for your employees, business partners - based on work type, equipment, or site.
health and safety training management system

Workforce Training Logs

Create dynamic forms and checklists in the system for all your WHS management and operational training needs.
Digital job safety analysis

JSAs (Job Safety Assessments)

Maintain a visual scorecard of potential hazards around jobs, and protect workers, customers and business from adverse exposure.
 whs incident report

Incident Reporting & Investigation

Report, investigate, and track -  incidents,
hazards, and near misses in real-time.
occupational health and safety procedures

Operational Procedures/ SWMS

Create, update, share, and manage your safe
operating procedures/ SWMS with distributed workers.
workplace health and safety audit

Safety & Operational Audits

Conduct hassle-free health and safety audits for various business operations, assets, and sites.
ehs audit checklist

Pre-starts/Service Checks

Pre-start and service checklists for users and equipment.
whs policies and procedures

Policies & Practices

Easy procedure in the system for creation, maintenance, and compliance with business policies for OHS and compliance management.
hse digital file storage

Digital File Storage

Central cloud-based file storage system with
strict access controls - no need to maintain
multiple cloud drives or complex
document filing systems.
Digital calendar to manage safety checklist/audit

Built-in Reminders and Notifications

Manage recurring checks/audits and set
reminders for workers on a digital calendar,
push notifications directly to their
 Compliance management system

Compliance and

Ensure compliance by reporting non-compliance and checking workforce competencies.

About Us

Gibsons Technologies is an Australian based technology product firm. We specialise in developing out-of-the-box digital solutions, with focus on leveraging industry specific best practices & providing tailor-made solutions.

At Gibsons Technologies, we take pride in using cutting-edge technology to transform the way businesses work and help workspaces get more efficient with every passing day.

workplace health and safety software
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Kendra Align whs management system

Health, Safety and Compliance Management - Anytime, Anywhere

With our easy-to-use health and safety system, put safety in your workforces’ hands and empower them to work with peace of mind. Our instant onboarding process helps you get your system up and running in just a few seconds.

A Full-scale Health and Safety Management System

Kiri Align HSE management system comes with a full scale, web portal based digital platform, that is compatible with all web browsers, provides AI/ machine learning-based deep insights and helps raise safety standards across your organisation.
Full Scale, Web Portal Based Digital Platform  - Kiri AlignKiri Align Web Application - Compatible With All Web BrowsersA Full-Scale Health And Safety Management System - Kiri AlignKiri Align - Provides AI/ Machine Learning-based Deep Insights

Offline Enabled Health and Safety Management Mobile App

Users in your organisation can collect data, report incidents, send reports, identify potential hazards, and get problems resolved on the go using our WHS management mobile app.
Download Kiri Align Mobile Application on Apple StoreDownload Kiri Align Mobile Application on Google Pay

Why Choose Kiri Align as

Your WHS Management System?

Simple And Intuitive WHS Management System - Kiri Align

Simple and Intuitive

Easy to use, with minimal
training requirements for
a quick start.
Holistic Health and Safety Software Solution - Kiri Align

Holistic Solution

Kiri Align is a complete bundle for all your health and safety management needs.
Runs On Multiple Platforms - Kiri Align

Runs on Multiple Platforms

Web and mobile applications (IOS, Android) with offline capabilities for field and remote workers.
WHS Software With Effective Collaboration - Kiri Align

Effective Collaboration

Centralised health and safety system for effective collaboration between all users including internal employees and external partners.
Kiri Align - Promotes Safety Among Workforce

Promotes Safety

Kiri Align encourages workers and empowers businesses across all industries to practice safety. Makes safety a natural, proactive measure.
Driven By Industry Experts - Kiri Align

Driven by Industry Experts

Kiri Align is built by safety leaders who have proven reputations in high-risk industries like site and heavy equipment management, agriculture, transport, logistics, construction, petroleum, mining, and utilities.
Incident Reporting And Investigation Software - Kiri Align

Incident Reporting and Investigation

Real-time incident reporting backed by a cloud-based document/ evidence management capability.
Fits Best For Almost All Industry Verticals - Kiri Align

Fits Best for Almost All Industry Verticals

Works best for all industries to improve operational excellence by reducing costs, protecting employees and customers, and maintaining your brand reputation.
Dedicated Support - Kiri Align


Comprehensive training documentation, videos, how to tips, and dedicated support available 24x7x365.
Workplace Safety Management System for Business Owners - Kiri Align
Business owners and top management can run compliance reports, communicate safety issues with their employees, and make updates to policies directly.
Business Owners
WHS Software for Safety Officers - Kiri Align
Safety officers’ life gets easier as they can manage all safety procedures and make sure the organisation’s compliance is up-to-date, using a single platform and app.
Safety Officers
Conduct Safety & Operational Audits Using Kiri Align
Auditors (internal & external) can now easily schedule, set reminders, and conduct/ report audits right from the platform.

The WHS Management System That Everyone Can Use

Kiri Align is not just a tool to be used by your safety management team but an all-inclusive OHS management system for your entire organisation. Right from the top management and stakeholders to the safety, operations and HR teams, everyone is onboard.

Each employee and business partner has their own account to access the safety process on the go, while your safety team can easily track and manage the safety and compliance processes.
EHS Management System for HR Professionals - Kiri Align
New hire inductions, onboarding/ offboarding checklists, training, managing important policies and procedures, Kiri Align makes it very simple for HR officers to centrally manage all people safety and training functions.
HR Professionals
Logistics managers and drivers can set and get clear safety instructions, pre-start checklists, and JSA scores that help measure job safety beforehand - empowering you to take measures of care proactively.
HSE Management System for Logistic Managers and Drivers - Kiri Align
Logistics Managers and Drivers
Operations managers can get complete control of safety practices with respect to the required standards and manage process compliance effectively.
Health and Safety Management for Operations Manager - Kiri Align
Operations Managers

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