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We are now in a time where unpredictability is at an all-time high, thus businesses are at high risk too. In the midst of this global pandemic, the power of safety and remote work management is now becoming clearer to everyone.

But we have been preparing for this by working remotely since the past 7 years. We equipped ourselves with the tools required for automating and securing our business. The platforms are also highly cost-effective and can be adopted in as less as a weeks time.

In order to secure your business at the time of this crisis too, you need to get on-board the best-in-class business process management and safety management platforms today.

Integrated Processes = Integrated Workforce

When we were struggling with remote work management, we found out that one cannot integrate their workforce unless they integrate their business processes.

Business Process

So we developed KendraHQ, which is an all-in-one business process automation platform. KiriHQ helps you centralise and integrate all your business into one so you can let your employees work from home without compromising on your customers’ needs or hampering your business growth.

Safety and Compliance

Our safety and compliance management platform, Kiri Align, is built on the same principles as KendraHQ. Kiri Align helps you get control over all your business’ safety aspects, abide by compliances, and improve safety awareness among your workforce.