Cloud-based Digital Safety System: An Intro to Kiri Align

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21st July 2021
3.00 PM AEST (Australia) 9.30 AM IST (India)

A safety and compliance management solution can make your life easier by solving all your safety and compliance-related problems. A digital safety solution also helps you secure your business by promoting safety among the workforce and avoiding reputational damage. It streamlines all your safety inspections and tasks that involve incident reporting, training, policies, compliance, competencies, and storing of safety documentation, in a single place.

While there are tonnes of software out there, how do you know which is the right one for your business? That is exactly what this webinar will help you with.

Webinar Highlights

  • Importance of managing and tracking safety and compliance operations
  • Choosing the right safety and compliance solution for your business
  • Overcome business-critical safety issues with a digital solution
  • Demonstration of the Kiri Align platform

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Who Must Attend This Webinar

Owners, managers, and staff of businesses associated with industries that involve the use of heavy machinery or plants and possess distributed staff in high risk and remote environments.

21st July 2021

3.00 PM AEST (Australia) 9.30 AM IST (India)

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