Kiri Align’s Got New Features That You Always Wanted! - Release May 2020

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26th May 2020
11 AM to 12 PM IST, 3.30 PM to 4.30 PM AEST

In these unprecedented times, most businesses are finding it difficult to keep up with the safety and compliance standards. While it is vital to focus on keeping the people of your country safe, you can’t do that by just staying at home. You’ll also need to continue providing essential services without transmitting the virus any further. That is why we suggest using a digital solution for managing all your safety and compliance needs.

Watch as Damien Gibson, MD & CEO at KiriHQ discusses how you can leverage digital technologies to avoid occupational hazards and prevent reputational damage. Damien will also walk you through the overall Kiri Align platform along with the newly added features.

Webinar Highlights

  • Tactical tips from the mastermind behind Kiri Align on assessing whether or why you need a digital safety solution for your business
  • Lessons on reassessing your present safety and compliance solution
  • Kiri Align’s new feature releases -
  • Digital compliance management
  • Assessor section for all lists
  • Improved equipment, employees & role management
  • Dashboard improvements
  • Multiple choice question type
  • Step-by-step guidance for using the Kiri Align application
  • Connect to global safety professionals from various industries
  • Key insights and industry-specific success stories
  • Live Q&A session

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Who Must Attend This Webinar

Business Owners, CXOs, VPs, Operational Managers, Auditors, Safety Professionals, HR & Admin Professionals Who Are Looking For:

  • Leveraging digital technologies for safety and compliance management to keep employees and customers safe
  • Reliable And Efficient Solutions To Avoid Occupational Hazards And Prevent Reputational Damage
  • Technology Partners Or Guidance For Implementing A Safety And Compliance Management Solution

Speaker Profile: Damien Gibson

MD & CEO, KiriHQ, Australia

Damien is a business leader and established entrepreneur in the Australian agriculture, fertilizer, and logistics industries for almost two decades now.

Damien has gained a deep understanding of customer needs and is passionate to overcome business challenges with the help of digital solutions. He is the guiding force behind Kiri Align safety and compliance platform and behind shaping smart digital solutions for global businesses.

26th May 2020

11 AM to 12 PM IST, 3.30 PM to 4.30 PM AEST

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