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22nd July 2021

Are you aware of the benefits of an online Safety and Compliance Management System? If not then, this is where we come in. These platforms are becoming more in-demand with regulatory changes and, as the cost of compliance breaches increase. Our latest post will take you through the 10 important ways organisations can benefit from taking their safety and compliance management online-so keep reading!

With the workplace constantly evolving, the demands on health and safety management are greater than ever before. So much so that if you manage any kind of workplace safety and health processes, keeping up can be overwhelming - this is particularly the case since this is an area that is regularly subject to both federal and state laws.

Online Compliance Management System

Online Safety and Compliance management system to the rescue:

An effective online Safety Management System or a safety and compliance management software can make a huge difference to your business.

Using the best online safety  and compliance software solution has therefore become essential because it not only makes your job easier but allows you and your firm to focus on higher priority business tasks. 

Here are ten benefits of using an online safety management portal for managing your organisation's health and safety risk and manage legislative compliance.

1. Better quality data and online management system

Anyone who wants to ensure a safe workplace and regulatory compliance cannot avoid dealing with data. Documentation and data handling even with the best intention is a mess, that you’ll be glad to let a software deal with. With an online safety and compliance management system, timely access to data and taking action is straightforward.

Data Capture: Online safety and compliance management tool provides standardised forms which make information gathering seamless and consistent. The forms are customizable to suit your goals or organisation while ensuring every data pertinent to achieving workplace safety and compliance is captured without fuss.

Data handling: Visualization tools allow you to make sense of data captured at a glance. And, depending on your goals, you can “clean” and consolidate the information you gathered without additional help.

Data Storage: Safety and compliance data need to be stored efficiently, securely and in a manner that allows for easy retrieval. An online safety and compliance management platform gives you all these benefits and more. 

Takeaway: Using an online safety and compliance system that allows you to manage workplace Safety, Health, and Compliance data for your company from a single source provides a trove of advantages which include: higher quality data, reduction in cost, avoidance of drudgery, saving time and eventually leading to better safety and compliance outcomes.

2. Improves organisation, efficiency, and productivity

Quick Reminder: To achieve a safe and compliant working environment, numerous tasks need completing appropriately and at the perfect time.

At the top of the agenda is completing and implementing WHS policies and procedures, which guarantee the highest level of safety and meets the needs of the  regulator.

With an online platform, you can capture exactly what you need for your audit, as well as organise appointments and tasks easily. This way, a clash of tasks or cancelation of appointments because the employees involved are not available can be avoided.

Furthermore, the cyclically recurring occupational health and safety tests require precise timing. An online safety system helps to smooth out the often bumpy coordination of the necessary work steps resulting in efficient completion of tasks

In an ideal case, an organisation’s relevant WHS policies and procedures whether it deals with employees, a system, or a machine can be managed. For equipment, the legally prescribed maintenance, repairs, troubleshooting, or repairs becomes a child's play with the appropriate online safety and compliance management system. In addition, maintenance no longer has to be coordinated between several systems or tools which leave more rooms for errors often leading to mismatched business expectations or disappointing outcomes for the staff.

3. Helps with meeting compliance requirements

An online safety and compliance management system will ensure that your company complies with the Government, Industry bodies, and internal policies to help keep your business safe.

Using an online compliance management system allows you to track changes as they happen. This is crucial in fulfilling legislation where a slight change in government regulations can be costly - hence the need for this tool that helps you remain vigilant and allows you to respond to compliance changes swiftly. They do this by alerting you to pending changes and facilitating planning and implementation.

For instance: With any reliable online compliance management tool- you can plan, carry out and document tests of machines, systems, and equipment. So you have everything together to implement the requirements for managing occupational safety in your company easily and without problems.

In the end, consider an online compliance management tool to be your trusted “compliance advisor.” And even if all compliance activities are not completed via automation, it will make sure it prompts you to do what is required at the right time.

4. Save on time and money

The goal of every business is to cut costs and achieve results faster. You get both of these by using a compliance/ WHS management system online.

Because tasks are completed online, it immediately reduces overhead cost - as less paperwork has to be carried out. For example, activities like printing are reduced, so you save paper and electricity. Additionally, forms and reports are digital and easily transferable. This saves processing time and cost. 

By automating safety and compliance management processes, part of the available workforce can be released for other tasks. Furthermore, the number of employees can even be reduced.

5. Improved employee safety and welfare

It's important that your staff are safe when they are at work. Ensuring this can be complex because every employee has different needs. By taking an online approach to safety and compliance management, you can measure their knowledge on safety-related issues and access their level of compliance on an individual basis. This way those in need can be attended to - for example, where a knowledge gap is noticed, training can be organised to shore up their skills. Additionally, safety risks are quick and easy to identify  using online tools that prompt  intervention through the implementation of mitigating measures to limit risk.

6. Minimises error and promotes consistency

Imagine all the work associated with health and safety record keeping - it’s a lot of paperwork, and it can result in a huge setback when staff members don’t do it correctly.

Achieving optimal compliance and safety in a workplace requires a great deal of data collection and information handling. As you can guess, manual methods are not only tedious but are prone to human errors.

This is one aspect for which online safety and compliance management systems are created; to solve this problem - and significantly reduce errors.

No matter how experienced and diligent your employees are, they are humans who are likely to make mistakes. If certain processes are automated using an online safety/compliance management system, errors can be limited, making the entire process more consistent and error-free.

7. Effortless Reporting and Tracking

Having an online safety and compliance management system is all about providing a good experience for everyone involved.

You should feel secure and confident that your business is committed to safety and compliance, and your employees should be committed  every step of the way to achieving that. For this reason, online tracking and reporting have become a crucial part of  online safety and compliance management systems.

With any great online compliance/safety management system, you can:

Why is it a big deal?

You don’t need multiple systems. Rather, accomplish all your report-related tasks smoothly and continuously, with no apparent stops.

8. Improves Brand image 

A good image gives your company a competitive edge: You can find investors more easily, attract good employees and look forward to loyal customers who will remain loyal to you in the long term.

Having an online system that manages your company's safety and regulatory compliance, reflects as an investment that you are willing to make for the safety of your business and your staff.


Business success is as much about your effort as it is about the perception the public has about your brand. By using an online safety and compliance management tool, the public recognises that you are taking safety issues seriously and feel the need for everyone involved in the business to be safe and confident in-and-around your workplace. In addition, by using these tools you can meet your  compliance requirements  and score well as a good business  which only adds to your reputation as a brand. 

The result: The public’s trust for such businesses increases and it is considered ethically responsible; the significance which would ultimately reflect in an improved bottom line.

9. Reduced downtime and lost business

As a busy manager, it’s hard to stay on top of employee safety. But if you don’t do it, you could end up in court.

Unlike the traditional option, using online health, safety, and compliance management systems means you are not limited by location and time thus giving you enough wiggle room and “extra hours” to work towards minimising risk and compliance.

An online-based health and safety management system is available online 24 hours a day and can be accessed where there is Internet access. This allows work to be independent of location or incidence that would otherwise shutdown business in a physical office.

This benefit of an online safety/compliance management system is particularly handy as the world is grappling with a global pandemic giving rise to the popularity of remote work. Plus, it also makes working with a diverse and decentralized team cutting across time zones possible.

10. Boost workers morale

Employee morale is a key factor to the success of any organisation. When employees are happy at work, they can better serve the company’s customers thus leading to a more successful business outcomes

The best online safety and compliance systems align your workers to a high-level unbiased compliance plan that offers a sense of confidence, trust, and belonging between employer and employees. This helps to reduce the feelings of dissatisfaction, and unjust treatment which is a major driver behind the sabotage and poor performance at work.

Looking ahead:

Kiri Align is one of the most trusted Online Safety and Compliance Management Systems that can help you and your staff stay within the confines  of the law and manage your health and safety processes with ease.

Online safety and compliance management systems have transformed from being a nice-to-have to a necessity. With more and more regulatory demands, increasing competition, rising cost, and the “new normal” necessitated by the global Covid-19 pandemic, it has become a must. It helps keep your business running smoothly, maintain your brand's reputation; helps manage risk and prevent compliance penalties.

The time has come to leverage the advantages of an online safety and compliance system and let it do the leg work for you - start for free today.

Published by: Kiri Align