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- Team Kiri Align
23 Dec 2020

EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety) is a general term for the laws & compliance regulations in a particular geographic area followed by organisations. Business processes operations should not hamper employees’ safety or the environment. EHS management is one of the primary concerns of firms  organisations. There are many health and safety risks associated with different kinds of workplaces. For example, the safety health risks associated with working at a construction site are unintended collapse, airborne toxins, noise, vibration, etc. In general, EHS challenges which are to tackled by organisations are:

        ● Rules Regulations

        ● Occupational Hazards

        ● Employee Wellness

        ● Environmental Health Safety

        ● Natural Disasters

        ● Force Majeure

EHS management systems

Importance of Digitized Safety Tools

To overcome the EHS challenges, firms hire EHS officers who can perform various tasks like compliance, organisational health management, etc. Digitisation in EHS has occurred due to modern-day technologies like cloud computing, big data analysis, IoT (Internet of Things), etc. Firms can now automate EHS processes and can save human resources & time. New business models are thriving every day, which results in new workplace risks. These risks are to be handled by the firms to maintain sustainability. EHS software(s) are already in the market and are more than just hyperbole. Firms do not ask questions like what is EHS because they know it is essential to comply with the regulations. Let us see how organisations are using digitised EHS management systems:

Applications of Digitized EHS Systems

  • Cloud computing has made data analysis faster & more robust. Firms can now use remote public or private cloud resources to perform data analysis on demand (in real-time). Cloud-based data analysis will provide you with meaningful insights that can enhance your business processes & operations.
  • Digitized EHS systems help you to visualise the data so that it could be understood easily. Data visualisation helps EHS officers to tell about the safety statistics & risks to employees, stakeholders, etc. Different professionals can easily understand your data extracts with the help of powerful data visualisation tools.
  • Digitized EHS systems will enhance the level of compliance in your organisation. It also helps businesses comply with the rules & regulations related to environment & employee safety to boom their business.
  • Digitized EHS systems are initiating intelligent counteractions against risks with the help of IoT. Digitised EHS systems can also help your employees in referring to the site & compliance guidelines easily. You can choose a reliable digitised EHS system like that offered by Kiri Align.

Why Choose Kiri Align?

Kiri Align provides a reliable EHS management system that uses the new-age technologies to reform the workspaces & business operations. It offers many digitised EHS solutions like digital file storage, EHS audits, incident reporting, workforce training logs, etc.

In a Nutshell

You can improve your business processes & operations with the help of Kiri Align solutions. It will also help EHS officers enhance the environmental health and safety management process in an organisation. Start using digital EHS solutions now!

Published by: Kiri Align