Four reasons to invest in Workplace health and safety

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Team Kiri Align
9th Sep 2021

Do you have a workplace health and safety program in place? If not, you may want to think about implementing one. But why is it important? This post gives you four good reasons why.
It is no secret that workplace accidents can result in serious injuries. In fact, according to Safe Work Australia, there were 58 fatal work-related incidents in 2021 already. These types of incidents result in days away from work and cost the economy up to $61.8 billion. These numbers are alarming and underscore the need for employers to take steps to protect their employees from injury at work by adequately investing in a workplace health and safety program.

Four reasons to invest in a Workplace health and safety - Kiri Align

Top 4 reasons for investing in a workplace and safety program

Protection of workers

Protecting workers is the primary reason  why many employers invest in a workplace health program. A workplace can be a dangerous place however, with a well thought out workplace health program it doesn’t have to be. Investing in the health and safety of your workplace can help to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses thereby protecting workers. And If an incident does happen, a well-designed health program can help to reduce the severity of the consequences. In the end, it contributes to allowing workers to return  to home and family in better health.

Makes your company more competitive

One of the main reasons for investing in workplace health and safety is that it will ultimately make your company more competitive. Investing in a healthy workforce means you are going to have less absenteeism, higher morale, lower turnover rates which all result in a healthier bottom line. Being proactive about health and safety in the workplace also means, you are going to be more prepared for an incident. When a tragedy does occur, it is much easier on everyone if your company has already created safeguards. 

There have been many times when we see companies go through disasters because they were not properly prepared beforehand. And then, it becomes too late. Most of the time, these disasters were avoidable if only they had done the needful by investing in a health and safety solution beforehand and been prepared for any eventuality. 

Investing in a healthy workforce will give an organisation an edge over competitors, who may not be as committed to health and safety. It also provides peace of mind knowing that the organisation is doing everything that is reasonably practicable, to keep its workers healthy and ensure well being  for the future.

Cost Savings

Workplace accidents can be expensive. A study by the Center for Disease Control found that work-related injuries (including illnesses) cost employers billions a year in medical expenses, lost productivity and worker compensation benefits. While this loss cannot be totally prevented, having a top quality workplace and safety solution is one way to significantly reduce financial losses due to accidents and safety incidents in the workplace. Furthermore, a workplace health program can help reduce the cost of insurance premiums, building repairs, and other costs associated with accidents. 

It is therefore clear why investing in health and safety can result in cost savings for employers - not only will they be spending less on medical bills and repairs but because their staff are more productive when healthy (and happy), and they could also save on recruitment costs.

Compliance with WHS legislation

Compliance with WHS legislation is critical for many businesses, especially those in the services sector. The Australian Government’s workplace safety laws include: Workplace Health and Safety Act 2012 (WHS Act 2012). This legislation has some key requirements that all employers need to be aware of. It’s important to note these laws are in place for a reason. 

Businesses also need to consider the adverse effect of not complying with WHS legislation, which could lead to potential loss in reputation- an organisation could lose out on a contract because of their poor safety standards, or they could lose valuable employees. It is not just about the law - an organisation’s success is at stake when they fail to comply with WHS legislation.

Ready to  be a safe and healthy workplace?

Safety Management Systems are an investment that every organisation should consider. A Safety Management System that integrates training, risk assessments, audits, observations and results not only help keep workers safe, but will also help the organisation in return on this investment. 

Kiri Align is a simple and secure way to create, track and manage workplace health and safety (WHS) in real-time and provides access to all information at your fingertips. Boasting quick access, seamless integration, smart dashboard, and a host of features - it is easy to use and flexible enough to meet the unique requirements of your business. This would allow you to efficiently manage the implementation of WHS measures for your workplace. Control who does what, when, where and who can view what information. Sign up for a Free Trial.

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