How Heavy Vehicle Operators get Accreditation for Their Safety & Compliance?

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- Team Kiri Align
28 Jan 2021

Heavy vehicle operators need to comply with the transportation and management regulations under the road transport law. One can obtain accreditation for safety and compliance via NHVAS (National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme) provided by NHVR (National Heavy Vehicle Regulator). NHVR is affiliated with the Australian government and regulates all heavy vehicles in the country. You can apply for NHVAS accreditation under four different modules that are Mass Management, Maintenance Management, Basic Fatigue Management (BFM), and Advanced Fatigue Management (AFM).

Safety and Compliance Accreditation for Heavy Vehicle Operators

This article further talks about health and safety accreditation and vehicle safety compliance.

Benefits of Having an Accreditation

 The profits of having accreditation from NHVR are as follows:

         ●      You will be able to comply with the safety guidelines under the road transport law. You will be able to imply a health and safety management system in                    your  organisation.

         ●      Operators who successfully obtain the mass management accreditation are allowed to operate at CML (Concessional Mass Limits).

         ●      NHVR works closely with the industry to enhance safety standards. You can make your vehicle safe for operation with an HSE accreditation.

         ●      You will comply with driver fatigue management guidelines to attain the BFM and AFM accreditation. It will increase the safety and satisfaction level of                    your vehicle driver.

Eligibility Criterion

Any legal operator/corporation registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission or the Australian Government(including body politic) can register for the NHVAS. You will apply for the application, and an auditor will inspect whether you are complying with the accreditation standards. You and NHVR will mutually decide on a place for compliance audits. You will have to comply with all the standards mentioned in the NHVAS Business Rules and Standards. You will also be asked to pay the accreditation fee before your compliance audit.

The chief chores of operators for getting accreditation from NHVR are:

         ●      You have to develop and maintain a quality management system that complied with the relevant accreditation standards.

         ●      You will have to ensure that your staff follows the quality management system standards to enhance compliance. You will also have to document the                    procedures followed by your staff.

         ●      You will have to Produce compliance evidence/documents at the time of the audit. NHVAS conducts the independent audit approved auditors.

Fatigue Management

The accreditations for fatigue management, i.e., BFM and AFM, have some additional requirements which are as follows:

         ●      Drivers must be assessed according to the ‘Austroads Assessing Fitness to Drive’.

         ●      Drivers should have a certificate/report stating they are fit to drive heavy vehicles.

         ●      Staff members will have to undergo training in any NHVAS approved organisation. Upon successfully completing the training, staff members will receive a                   statement of attainment, making them eligible for the BFM or AFM accreditation.

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