How to Get Specific Help Using ‘Ask Kiri’

Learn how to get specific information or help while using Kiri Align application using the ‘Ask Kiri’ feature.

Use the ‘Ask Kiri’ support feature to get quick help if you get stuck at any point while using Kiri Align.
You can click on the blue circle with a ‘question mark’ on the right side of your screen to get instant help.
Safety and Compliance Management Software System - Kendra Align
You’ll get a ‘How can we help?’ search bar as shown below:
OHS Management Software System - Kendra Align
Search for a particular feature or type your query to get a contact us dialog box as shown below:
Next, click on ‘Report a system problem’ to report your query.
EHS Management Platform - Kendra Align
You’ll get a support form as shown above. Fill in the form to report your query to Kiri Align. Our team will get back to you to sort your issue immediately.

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