How to Report Incidents

  • Learn how to report incidents in Kiri Align. Reporting and investigating an incident helps avoid occurrence of similar incidents in future.

    Incident reporting is the process of documenting all workplace incidents or accidents and injuries. An incident report should be created at the time an incident occurs no matter how minor it is.
    Click on the ‘Add New Incident’ button to report a new incident. You’ll get an incident reporting form to fill.
    Reporting Incidents at Work Software Application - Kiri Align
  • You will have to select the employee and manager responsible first. Then add the incident details and answer the questionnaire in the form.
  • If you select ‘Yes’ for the questions, you’ll either get some more form fields to enter the incident details or more questions to answer.
  • You can also upload evidence if you have any then click ‘Save’ to save the form.
  • The file formats that you can upload in the system as evidence are PNG, JPG , PDF, Video in MP4 format, and DOC files.
Reporting Incidents at Work Software Application - Kiri Align

How to Investigate and View Incidents

Learn how to investigate hazards, near-miss, and incidents in Kiri Align to avoid occurrence of similar cases in future.
The action of investigating incidents consists of a systematic examination or research related to the causes and ways to avoid them.
  • In the incident section, you can view the incidents that are ‘Ready for Review’, ‘Under Review’, and ‘Completed’.
  • In the ‘Ready for Review’ tab, you can see the ‘View’, ‘Edit’, and ‘Investigate’ action icons. You can still edit the incident report as the investigation is yet to be investigated.
  • In the ‘Under Review’ tab, you can only see the ‘View’ and ‘Investigate’ action icons. You can’t edit the incident at this stage as the incident is under investigation.
  • In the ‘Completed’ tab, you can only see the ‘View’ action icons. You can’t edit and investigate the incident at this stage as the incident is already investigated.
  • On clicking ‘View Incident’, you can view the incident reported along with all the evidence associated with it.
  • Click on the ‘PDF’ button at the top right corner of the incident report to get the PDF of the incident report, which you can either download or print.
  • If the incident is ‘Under Review’ or ‘Completed’ with investigation, you get an ‘Investigation’ tab next to the ‘Incident’ tab when you click the ‘View’ icon.
Workplace Incident Investigation Software - Kiri Align
Note: You can also click the ‘Save’ button to save the draft before submitting the investigation.

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