How to Add and Manage Your Equipment

Learn how to add and manage equipment in Kiri Align and ensure workplace health and safety while your employees work with the equipment at your workplace.

Equipment refers to a set of tools or assets commonly used to achieve a particular objective. Different jobs require different kinds of equipment. Also, different industry type need different types of equipment.
For example, if your organisation belongs to the logistics industry, your equipment will consist of vehicles and their spare parts. And if your organisation belongs to the IT industry, your equipment will consist of Computer systems and Laptops.
Just like employees, you can add equipment or any assets associated with your organisation in the system.
This will help you keep track of all your equipment and store all the history associated with particular equipment in the system. You can select the right equipment while conducting audits and investigating incidents to avoid hazards, be safe and manage compliance.
Equipment Management - Kiri Align
Click on ‘Add New Equipment’ to add new equipment that your organisation needs to start using.
You can add all the information related to your equipment and click ‘Save’ to add the equipment in the Kiri Align system.
Add New Equipment - Kiri Align
Just like an employee, you can change the status of equipment from ‘Active’ to ‘Inactive’ if you’re no longer using the equipment.

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