How to Copy, Share, View, Send, and Edit a Checklist

Learn how to perform various actions on your checklists like copy, share, view, send, and edit in Kiri Align.

Once you’ve created and saved any of your checklist, when you go back to the list section, you will be able to see your checklist there.
Health and Safety Checklist Actions - Kendra Align
You can see columns with name, description, recurrence, last updated, and status of your checklist.
There’s another column called ‘Actions’ in which you have four options:

Option 1: Copying a Checklist

By clicking on ‘Copy’, you can either make a copy of the checklist or share it with your peers.
Copy Workplace Safety Checklists - Kendra Align
With the help of the ‘Copy’ feature, instead of creating a checklist from scratch, you can duplicate an existing checklist and edit it.

Option 2: Sharing a Checklist

Click on the ‘Copy’ button and go to the next tab besides copy, i.e. the ‘Share’ tab.
Share Occupational Health and Safety Checklists - Kendra Align
To share the checklist with your peers, you can either add their email address address and click ‘Share’ or copy the link to the checklist by clicking on ‘Get Sharable Link.’

Option 3: Viewing a Checklist

When you click on the ‘View’ icon, you can view the induction checklist and see how it is going to be seen to the person undertaking it.
View Safety Management Checklists - Kendra Align
You have ‘Copy’, ‘Edit’, and ‘Send’ options at the top right again. And a ‘Back’ button to go to the previous screen.
You also have a ‘PDF’ button with the help of which you can view the checklist in PDF format, download it, or take a print of the checklist if required.
People & Assets
  • Below the checklist details, in the ‘People & Assets’ section, you can track incomplete checklists associated with people and assets.
  • You can view the name of users that checklist is assigned to and the ‘Completed’ status of the checklist - Yes/No.
  • With the help of the ‘Previous’, ‘Today’, and ‘Next’ buttons you can view the status of the incomplete checklists every day.

Option 4: Sending /’One-time’ Assigning a Checklist

‘One-time Assign’ function in Kiri Align allows you to assign a checklist to an employee that is to be undertaken only once.
This feature can be useful in many situations.

For example, if one of your employees is on a sick-leave and you need to assign the task to another employee to undertake a checklist that the sick employee was supposed to undertake, then you can assign the checklist to another employee just for once. And when the sick employee resumes his work, he/she can start undertaking the recurring checklists assigned to him/her as per their schedule.
When you click on the ‘View’ icon, you’ll see the checklist and at the top right corner you’ll see Back, Copy, Edit, Send, and PDF buttons, as shown in the below image:
One-time Assign Health and Safety Checklists - Kendra Align
Click on the ‘Send’ button to one-time assign a checklist to a user.
This is a one-time assign function. That means if you use this function to assign a checklist to a user, they will be able to undertake it only once.
When you click the ‘Send’ button, you’ll get a search bar that’ll allow you to search for an employee who you need to assign the checklist to.
Send Health and Safety Checklists - Kendra Align
If you can’t find the name of the user to whom you need to send the checklist, that means the employee is not a Kiri Align user yet and you need to add him/her to Kiri Align. Please refer to the Managing Employees section to add a new user.
Next, click on the send button to one-time assign the checklist.
 Send Internal Audit Checklists - Kendra Align
The user can view the one-time assigned checklist in their system’s ‘Undertake’ section. Once undertaken, they will not be able to undertake it again.
Also, if you try to assign the same checklist again to the same employee before they’ve undertaken it, you’ll get an error stating that the checklist has been already assigned to the employee.
Send Digital Safety Management Checklists - Kendra Align
If you need the employee to undertake the checklist for the second time, you’ll have to assign it again to them after they’re done undertaking it for the first time.

Editing a Checklist

By clicking on the ‘Edit’ icon, you can edit the details, questions, acknowledgements, etc. in the induction checklist that you already created.

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