How to Undertake Checklists or Tasks Assigned to You 

Learn how to view, undertake, and manage all the checklists and tasks assigned to you in the Kiri Align application.
In this section, you can view the checklists, policies, trainings, and non-compliances that are assigned to you and you need to undertake them.
There are three tabs in the Undertake section - To be Undertaken, Completed, and Ignored.
You can see various columns in the ‘To be Undertaken’ tab - Name, Type, Questions, Recurrence, and Actions.
Click on the ‘Undertake’ icon in the ‘Action’ column to undertake any list.
Undertake Safety Checklists - Kiri Align
You can also view the lists completed, ignored, action lists and no recurrence lists in the next tabs.

No Recurrence Lists

The ‘No Recurrence’ tab helps you separate your recurring and non-recurring lists.
View Completed EHS Checklists - Kiri Align
When a checklist is in the 'No Recurrence' section, you can undertake it only once.
This feature can be useful when an employee who undertakes a checklist everyday is on leave or for a checklist whose occurrence frequency is not known. These checklists then can be assigned to another employee to be undertaken only once in absence of their colleague.

Completed Lists

All the checklists that you’ve already undertaken are moved to the ‘Completed’ tab in the ‘Undertake’ section.
You can view one week worth of completed checklists in this tab.
You can also open and view the details in the completed checklists using the ‘View’ action button, as shown in the above image.

Ignoring a List or Task Assigned to You

Sometimes it might occur that you’re assigned a list or task as part of a group activity but you’re not responsible to undertake it.
In this case, you can ignore it and it’ll get moved to the ignored section.
Ignore Safety Checklists - Kiri Align
To ignore a list assigned to you, open the list by clicking on the ‘Undertake’ icon. You can see the list opened as shown in the above screenshot. Then click on the ‘Ignore’ button.
You can also go to the ignored section and move a list back to the undertake section if you find out later that you need to undertake it.

Action Lists

View all the actions that you’re supposed to take as an assessor for a checklist or on the non-compliances reported against you in the ‘Action’ tab of Kiri align’s ‘Undertake’ module.
Non-compliance Action Lists & Assessment Lists - Kiri Align
If you’re an assessor of any list, you’ll find them in the ‘Assessment List’ section. You can review the lists and sign them off.
If any non-compliances are reported against you, you can view them in the ‘Non-compliance Action List’ section. You can accept/decline the non-compliances. 


The Auto-save feature in Kiri Align application saves all the changes that you make in a checklist while undertaking it.
As you can see in the screenshot below, you get a message that says ‘All changes saved’ at the top, above the questions in the list you’re undertaking.
Auto-save Health and Safety Checklists - Kendra Align
After every 30 seconds, it’ll auto save the changes that you made in the list. So that if you get busy with some other work, you can always come back and find your progress in undertaking the checklist.
You can then continue from where you left last time and complete the checklist anytime.
Only in case of a JSA (Job Safety Analysis), you’ll have to complete the Risk Calculator before exiting the checklist as your inputs in the Risk calculator don’t get auto-saved.
Auto-save Job Safety Analysis Checklists - Kendra Align
As you can see in the image above, only one part of the risk calculator is answered so it won’t get auto-saved and you won’t get the ‘All changes saved’ message at the top.
Auto-save Job Safety Assessment Checklists - Kendra Align
Once you complete the risk calculator, your JSA will be automatically saved, and you’ll get the ‘All changes saved’ message at the top.

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