How to Create and Assign Training Lists

Learn how to create and assign training lists in Kiri Align to train the employees in your organisation for a particular job, equipment, or job location.

Training is teaching or developing any skills or knowledge that is related to specific useful competencies. Training has specific goals of improving one's capability, capacity, productivity and performance.
Click on the ‘Add new Training’ to start adding training in the application.
Workplace Safety Training List - Kiri Align
Note: Every training needs to have a title, description, category, and its recurrence type.
Add the details and click ‘Save and Next’ to proceed to the next section.
 HR Training - Kiri Align
Add the training material and/or questions that you want the trainees to answer.
Occupational Health & Safety Training Software Application - Kiri Align
  • You can click ‘Preview’ to see how the questions will be seen by the trainees.
  • Keeping the ‘Mandatory’ button on for the questions will add an asterisk sign near the question. This will make the question mandatory to be answered by the one undertaking the training. 
  • It is also easy to rearrange the questions by just dragging and dropping, in case you need to change the sequence of the questions.
You also have options to preview the training, go back to the previous section, or cancel the changes that you made into the training using the ‘Preview’, ‘Back’, and ‘Cancel’ buttons.
Click ‘Save and Next’ to go to the acknowledgement section.
Health & Safety Awareness Training Software - Kiri Align
The type of acknowledgement that you can choose from are same as those you get in a checklist:
  • No Acknowledgement
  • Acknowledgement Message
  • Acknowledgement with Signature
Select ‘Acknowledgement with Signature’ for the training as you might need to get it signed by the person the training is assigned to.
Enter an acknowledgement message and go to the ‘Assign’ section.
Digital OHS Training List - Kiri Align
  • Select the roles and/or employees that you want to assign the training to here.
    Note: The roles/employees must be added to the system so you can directly select them from the dropdown here.
  • Click ‘Save and Next’ to go to the Assessor section.
  • It is not necessary to have an assessor for each training that you create. So you have a ‘Yes/No’ button before the accessor section. You can select ‘No’ if the training list does not require to be assessed by an assessor.
    Safety Related Digital Training List - Kiri Align
  • Select the assessor and acknowledgement type and add an acknowledgement message.
  • Click ‘Save’ to save the training.

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