How to Generate Reports and Print Them

Learn how to generate reports in Kiri Align to keep track of the safety and compliance activities in your organization.
A report is a document that presents information in an organized format about specific metrics and for a specific purpose.
You can generate three types of reports in the Kiri Align platform:
  • Completed Report
  • Assignee Report
  • Incomplete Report

Completed Report

In the ‘Completed Report’ tab of the ‘Report Center’, you can view all the completed checklists with the applied filters.

Assignee Report

In the ‘Assignee Report’ tab of the report center, you can view details of checklists assigned to a particular user.

Incomplete Report

In the ‘Incomplete Report’ tab of the ‘Report Center’, you can view all the incomplete checklists with the applied filters.

How to Generate a Report and Print It

As you can see in the screenshot above, you get four columns - Employee, equipment, start date and, end date.
Select the employees or equipment that you need to generate reports for. 
Add filters as the start date and end date to get time-specific results.
Once you select the specific checklist types that you need, you’ll get a checklist dropdown. You can use it to select specific checklists for your report.
Select checkboxes - Induction, Service checks, Training, Operational procedures, Job safety analysis, Auditing, Pre-start, and Policy. These will help you narrow down the results in the report even further.
Click 'Search' to generate a report with the desired results.
Generate Reports - Kiri Align
You can click on a particular list undertaken by the selected employee to view it in 'Answer View' and 'Table View' formats.
Health and Safety Reports - Kiri Align
In the next tab, you get the 'Table View', that is you can view the answers submitted by the selected employee in table format.
Print Safety Reports PDF - Kiri Align
On the top right corner of 'Table View' as well as 'Answer View,' you see a 'Print' button. Click on 'Print' to take a print of the list directly from the system.

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