How to Create and Assign Policies

Learn how to create and assign policies in Kiri Align for implementing a procedure or protocol and circulating it among your employees.

A policy is a statement of intent, and is implemented as a procedure or protocol. Policies are generally adopted by the management body within an organization and circulated among the employees to implement them.
You can add policies related to safety and compliance, as well as general company policies related to HR and other departments.
Health and Safety Policy Management System - Kiri Align

Creating Workplace Policy

Click on the ‘Add New Policy’ button to add a new policy for your organisation.
Note: Policies need information such as title, description, category, and recurrence.
Work Health and Safety Policy Software System - Kiri Align
You can mark the status of any policy as ‘Active’ or ‘Inactive.’ A policy can be marked as inactive if it is no longer in use but can’t be deleted as it has some history attached to it, and the history needs to be saved in the application.
Once the details are filled, you can click ‘Save and Next’ to move to the ‘Questions’ section.
Note: A policy may not have questions that are to be answered by the person undertaking it like a checklist. A policy just has some set of ideas in text format and the person undertaking the policy needs to just read and acknowledge it.
Add text to your policy by selecting ‘Rich Text’ as the question type.
 Workplace Health and Safety Policy Software Application - Kiri Align
Once you select the question type as ‘Rich Text,’ you’ll get a text box below to add text. You can format the text just how you do in a word document or Google Docs.
You also have options to preview the policy, go back to the previous section, or cancel the changes that you made into the policy using the ‘Preview’, ‘Back’, and ‘Cancel’ buttons.
You can see a policy with sample text below:
Occupational Health and Safety Policy Software Application - Kiri Align
Click ‘Save and Next’ to go to the next section.
Select the ‘Acknowledgement Type’ and add the ‘Acknowledgement Message’ that the person undertaking the policy needs to read and accept.
The type of acknowledgement that you can choose from are same as those you get in a checklist:
  • No Acknowledgement
  • Acknowledgement Message
  • Acknowledgement with Signature
Select ‘Acknowledgement with Signature’ for the policy as policies need to be signed by the person they’re assigned to.
Enter an acknowledgement message as shown below and go to the ‘Assign’ section.
Health and Safety Policy at Workplace Software - Kiri Align

Assigning Workplace Policy

Assign the policy based on the roles that you need to assign it to. You can also select all employees if all the employees in your organisation need to abide by it.
Workplace Safety Policy Software Application - Kiri Align
Next, click on the ‘Save and Next’ button to go to the Assessor section.
It is not necessary to have an assessor for each policy that you create. So you have a ‘Yes/No’ button before the accessor section. You can select ‘No’ if the policy does not require to be assessed by an assessor.
Assign Workplace Health & Safety Policy - Kiri Align
In this section, you can select the assessor from the dropdown provided. This person will be responsible to assess the induction undertaken by the assignee.
Click on the ‘Save’ button once you’re done assigning the policy.

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